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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you can't watch it, dvr is, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." lou dobbs is up next, he connects it all, on fox busine business. lou: good evening more than half the nation tonight believes that obama presidency is a failure, damning new poll from washington post comes a day before the president will address the nation on his newfound strategy, to fight the islamic state terrorists. president obama laid out his flew plan to congressional leaders of both parties at the white house today, despite the reality all 4 congressional leaders, republican and democrats, have pushed back against the possibility of pitting new strategy to a vote in congress, a vote that president made clear, he does not seek. the house arm service committee
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hosting a classified briefing on the islamic tate threat today, and afterward chairman buck mckee han an warned not to expet anything new from the president. >> nothing much new, continuing same counterterrorism strategy we've been following the last 5 years, which has not been able to stop isil, they have grown stronger. that is something that is very bother some. charles: we'lsome. bother. lou: we'll take up the president's collapses poll numbers. and here tonight we'll talk with house. >> you judiciary committee bob goodlot. and the video that shows former ravens running back ray rice, punching his wife, knocking her out, but his wife janay rice has
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come forward to defend her husband and slam her critics, leading psychotherapist the join us. and a big day in cupertino, california, apple unveiling a collect of highly anticipated new products, including the smart watch, and iphone 6. we begin tonight in washington. president obama faces a skeptical public, divided congress, president struggling with poll numbers, now at record lows as well as the prospect of seeking support in tomorrow night's address to the nation for increased military action in iraq. a region he declared as stable, when he decided to pull our troops out of the country, ed henry with our report. >> reporter: president obama huddled with top 4 congressional
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leaders today to layout his strategy to defeat isis. ahead of tomorrow's primetime address to the nation. one year to day his last one, raising the stakes for a president facing pressure from republicans to expand u.s. air campaign. >> we need to go after the ter it threat, wherever it is. and i don't' to think this is just an iraq, syria issue, is not paying much attention to what shaping in the world. >> reporter: despite what aides are touting, president stopped start of demanding a vote, getting authorize ag may areing authorization may be harder giving his new standing. a new poll, asking if the president is a strong leader 55% said no. and success or failure, 52 first
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52 first 52% failure. this fro president has always ba reluctance warrior who explained his decision to pullback from targeting ar strikes one year ago tomorrow. >> the idea of any military action is not going to be popular. after all, i spent 4 1/2 years working to end wars, not to start them. >> but now a president who claimed to be leaving a stable iraq, as he pulled out all u.s. troops is in the awkward position of justifying miller military reaction action. >> does it suggestion he was too quick to get out? >> it does not, united states should not be in a position of -- of placing the burden on our american military to be responsible for providing security in iraq.
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>> reporter: that is. why aides say that speech will focus to diplomacy with kerry headed to middle east, and last night, oversea bass and pair salad at the white house he brought in both partys to kick around ideas. >> we did not agree with each other, but he was in intake mode. >> reporter: speaker boehner said he would support him if he would depla deploy hus militaryo -- u.s. military it train the iraqi forces, and sav assist. he has existing authority to target isis without a vote in congress. lou: thank you, ed henry. >> we'll tell the president's address with a full recap, and analysis at 1 10:00 tomorrow evening. >> outside of washington apple making a splash. a big day for apple, the ceo tim
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cook revealing two new iphones, iphone 6, and iphone 6 plus. with a larger screen, and anticipated move to wear able technology with the apple watch. >> apple watch requireed some deep innovation, it is a precise timepiece. with incredible ability to customized. it is a new, innovative, intimate way to communicate directly from your wrist. lou: fox business contract jolene kent in cupertino, california with all of the apple product details. >> reporter: the biggest apple events in years, and pressure was on. everything was hidden in a big 3 story white box that ceo took to the stage, he uttered words made famous by the late founder steve jobs. >> we're not quite finished yet.
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we have one more thing. >> reporter: and unveiled the apple watch, it trackss fitness, shows photos, navigates and takes voice command on siri. the timepiece will be ahave available in early 2015, it only works with the iphone, they debuted two iphone models, iphone 6 and ir iphone 6 plus. the camera has 8 mega-pixels, and 6 starts at $199, and 6 tkphrus at $6 plusat lawyers $2.
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and also apple pay, it will come preinstalled on all iphones and apple watch, retailers like macy's, walgreens, disney, mcdonald's and others or board. the real question is whether the new phones, and watches are enough to take tim cook's legacy to the next level, a lot of analysts today impressed saying that the answer it yes. fox business. lou: apple stock suffering a model decline, but up 26% so far this year. >> fox business today, getting a exclusive first look at ford's new aluminum body and bed if 15 -- f-150, it will be in dealer lot and showrooms at the end of the year, that aluminum body and bed cutting as much as 700 pounds from overall weight, and
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making it restless as -- rust lesrustless as well. some analysts put figure as high as $10,000 a truck that ford makes itself, it is quite a management move for ford t to reinvent its hottest seller. >> real republican leader on the issue of illegal immigration is our next guest, chairman of the house judiciary committee, congressman bob goodlot will join us next. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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west africa, as the new inspector general report warns that department of homeland security is not prepared to deal with the spread of such a deadly disease as ebola here in this country. the fourth american to contract ebola is new being treated the emory university wan hospital. the patient a i.d i.d. was reportedly able to walk from the ambulance to the hospital. >> and the entero virus outbreak here, is the worst that he'll efficients have seen in -- healthy officials have seen in 50 years, sending children to hospitals with respiratory problems. cinco de mayo children's -- a
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cincinnati children help admitted 540 children friday. a record for patients there. >> our next guest has been leading charge on an incremental approach to immigration legislation he says it is now or november it will not be a good idea for president to trample on the constitution, and act unilaterally on amnesty for illegal immigrants, joining us now, congressman bob goodlot. good to see you back in business. good to have you here on the broabroadcast. >> good to be with you, lou, and your viewers. lou: start with president decides to delay action on ms. fiat -- his fiat, he was going to he promised, give am amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants but now, not until av the election, your reaction. >> it stphefr it is never a goo
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trample on the constitution, and take unilateral action to give amnesty to people that he has now authority under the law to do. said he will work with congress on real immigration reform. if he is not going to do that, that very least, he should tell us now, what he beens to do after the election so that the american people will know that, going into this election. lou: senator mcconnell said, that it is his way of avoiding accountability, denying the american people accountability, if the democratic party particularly those candidates running for the senate, might be in view, for him to avoid accountability and -- do you agree with senator mcconnell? >> i very much do. lack of accountability is a
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hallmark of this obama administration, in so many different areas. we held a hearin hearing today h regard to inspectors general, 50 of whom, from various ages signed a letter on august 5 complaining about their ability, they work for the executive branch of th of the government,y are a check on the obama administration that american people have, they wrote a letter about now ways that obama administration is denying them access to records so they can conduct investigations, went each of these government agent agency. lou: at same time, your speaker, john boehner, seems to want to work with him, and said that perhaps, we could see immigration reform legislation? this is a president who has denied congress its oversight
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accounting over the course of what? half a dozen scandals that now engulf the white house. lou: what is going on with your leadership? >> i think that issue circumstance is the president of united states going to recognize that congress, has the authority to act in this area, and so many other areas, where he has acted unilet rulely with his pen and phone, i -- unlaterally with his pen and phone. i know that speaker and virtually everyon everyone elser frustrateed by this, if he wants to get immigration reform done last thing he should do to take unilateral act before or after the elect that does not build trust it takes to do this thing. and if we're dig do immigration reform that trust has to be with the american people, they have to tuft h trust he is going to p force thenforce the law.
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lou: this president, is not going to enforce the laws, he is avoiding laws and creating through his executive orders amnesty in his rhetoric as well as his executive order of 2012, creates crises on border with unaccompanied children, and your speaker and your leadership have had an opportunity to say chairman goodlot and his committee should take lead on immigration reform, and we'll follow that and be glad to meet with president and take up the issue and reach responsible compromise, your speaker has not done that, there is blame. >> we want to take that step by step approach, the leadership did turn to the judiciary committee right before august recess with a border bill that were not getting supporters in to pass. we came in offered a number of changes, to the two bills, rallied support, and all but 4 republican in the house voted for it.
7:19 pm
we think we know how to do this right, but it is a step by stip approach i have been advocateing, we need to continue to win over converts to that approach. lou: you won me over, from the infrom duck through the -- introduction from report out of the committee. i do not understand why some of your colleagues and your leadership have not been more vocal in their support of advocacy, today, your advocacy turned to libyan pilots and scientists training in the united states. marking up a bill, the protecting homeland act to keep the obama administration from doing just that, bringing in libyan pilots for training and nuclear scientists for training. >> amazeing, the obama
7:20 pm
administration said that relations with libya are normalizing, well, you know, they just -- >> i am sorry, could you just -- i am sure we have viewers who think they done hear their ears correctlly. >> this obama administration has told us on. >> you. >on. >> you judiciary commity, when we question this policy, on the doorstep of being enacted. homeland security secretary jay johnson, has to sign the final rule, then libyan nuclear scientists, and libyan potential pilots, and aviation maintenance people will be able to come to the united states and be educated here, does that sound familiar to what happened just 13 years ago? two days from now. where we had other people from the middle east coming and learning how to fly planes in this is a very disconcerting
7:21 pm
thing, they say, we're normalizing relations with libya, but this summer, we had to evacuate u.s. embassy in tripoli, and no one forget what happened, to the united states ambassador and 3 other brave americans when were killed there by terrorists two years ago, we have introduceed this bill to say, hey, get real. let's stop this policy right now. before it ever takes effect, and leads to some other tragedy. lou: no wonder the american people are briming over with trust for this obama administration. kw-pblcongressman thank you, goo see you back in washington, d.c. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote on our poll, can president obama claim in go way to reform immigration laws in your opinion? well he refused to enforce immigration laws or secure our borders, cast your vote
7:22 pm >> a look at last night's result that poll question, if you believe there should be a zero tolerance policy across professional sports for domestic abuse and other violent crimes, 88% aid yes. >> a third hearing took place for marine sergeant who has been held in the mexico jail for 6 months now. the obama administration, by the way this president, has not even mentioned his name publicly. the mexican judge is looking at surveillance video that could support the sergeant's claim he made a wrong turn into mexico with three of his guns in his truck, they were registered, no immediate decision is expected, it has been 163 days, since tahmorressi was jailed. again, 163 days, without a single mention from the president of the united states. >> up next, my commentary is the
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lou: we have a lot coming up for you here tonight, members of the benghazi cia annex security team going on record with what happened on the ground that terrible night two years ago, mark guist is joining us. ray rice 's wife runs to his defense after the shocking elevator video release. >> but first a few comments on president's speech tomorrow. former pentagon official said that rise of the islamic state has been a part of the president's daily briefing since last summer. some will find it at very least curious he will be addressing only now his strategy and plan to respond to repel and destroy the terrorists, former homeland security secretary janet napolitano, has acknowledged
7:27 pm
that the islamic state was on everyone's radar screen had she left obama administration in august of last year, president himself chose not to respond to the islamic state in june of this year, when the radical islams overran much of northern iraq then took control of mosul, and tikrit and surgeed to an army of a thousand or more fighters, now, 7% of americans -- senssssenss70s% of americanst the islamic state has can't to attract the united states, it is possible that president obama tomorrow, is engaging in the political theater he claims to be so terrible at but which is necessary to his job. political theater trying to if you will, close the sale ongoing to war with islamic state. if i may, i would like to share
7:28 pm
a hope, i hope nearly all americans right now are deeply disturbed that once again, our president, and too many of our national leaders in both parties, seem to be avoiding what is our grea greatest threan the middle east, and any mention of it, namely iran, its sponsor ship of terrorism against our nation and our longest allie in middle east israel, can no longer be top rated or ignoreed -- tolerateed or ignoreed and how will mr. obama explain he wanting to enter a war that will align the u.s. with a government of the bar -- bashar al-asad in syria. troubling too is obama administration's seeming eagerness now to order our military in to war whether the ipresident and national media have guts to call it what it is or not it is war, in so doing advance not defeat hegemonic
7:29 pm
ambitions of iran. i hope that mr. obama's speech will include his pledge, and seek a national consensus, and congressional approval before sending our men and women in uniform into another conflict, i hope. and i pray. we're coming right back. lou: shocking new video, sends an nfl star to the sidelines, his wife comes to his defense. >> mental health expert dr. jeana loud en on domestic abuse and the case of ray rice. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. [ garage door opening ] [ sighs ] i need help with the groceries. [ sighs ] [ garage door closing ] where was i? oh, yes. [ male announcer ] ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. [ male announcer ] ship a pak via fedex express saver® with up to 27% more brush movements patented sonic technology get healthier gums in two weeks guaranteed. philips sonicare discover the brush that's perfect for you. lou: joining us now the a-team, i have been waiting to talk with both, but one in particular, michael goodwin. and robert zimmerman. i have been looking forward to asking horbing how is your prest
7:33 pm
doing in the most recent polls, this is not what you expected? >> this is not unexpected in 6th year of a presidency. last time we did foreign policy by polling did not do well, i am glad this president is not worrying about the poll but showing real presidentl leadership as we address the isis crisis. lou: isis crisis? isn't it an iranian crisis? >> actually, iran is a danger in the region, one of reason that iran became so empowered because ofs iraq invasion of 2003, once saddam hussein was moved out and we brought in a iranian staopblg stooge. brought in maliki. it will be important to --
7:34 pm
>> you make it sound like obama administration had no influence over evens in last 6 years. >> we have this better results. lou: a valiant effort and one i respect, michael? >> i think we should give our friend a another cup of kool aid. he has not had enough. >> stop listening to rush limbaugh. >> i think your points about iran is good. it is very much happy with assad in syria, very much supportive of hamas. and in gaza, and attacking israel. iran is really the cancer in the region, but now there is more than one cancer. i think that the roberts points about polling on foreign policy is interesting, because, the president is behind the country on isis. he is speaking tomorrow night. but the poll show that country is well ahead of him on this, his idea that country is
7:35 pm
war-weary and i think somewhat dated because of the beheading of the two americans has alarmed the country. country. lou: but, ran is r for hamas, hezbollah, support of terrorism in the region, and beyond. and at the same time, supportive of the iraqi government, it has everything to win. it is support of assad would be validateed if we go to war against the islamic state. against you know what is one of the most heinous acts that is, beheading of two american citizens. but, where is the balance in the view of the people who you say this president is following, and the president and his allies on the muslim brotherhood, lindsey graham, and john mccain? >> allies on behalf of muslim brotherhood.
7:36 pm
lou: they were emsear emissarysn cry cairo you recall. to incorporate muslim brotherhood into the -- >> you can't look at region, and define it by iran, unless this fropresident our country can foe a coalition with other arab states in the region, we can't -- -- we can't bees beat isis. lou: so, we account for ul of this, at least many of lessons we have learned. we can destroy anyone of our enemies, the question is, why we choose not to. what we can do with that lessen going forward. >> i don't agree with that premise, we tried that with the
7:37 pm
iraq invasion. even bush administration admitted that our tactics became a recruiting points for al qaeda. unless we have ay cay can coali. >> the 46 states that supported us in the iraq invasion compare good with the 9 we're hopeing for this one, but i think that back to your. consequences of destabilizing it. it has encourageed a bad actor. lou: can we say, dismiss with the talking points, and acknowledge that we have not had an honest public dialogue in this country about the lethalty
7:38 pm
of the iranian. >geopolitical ambitions in the region. can we be honest and say that united states has been out right out maneuvered and out thought by our opponents whether it be russia or china, i said opponents not enemies, and our enemys in the middle east. in isn't it about time that this obama administration, republicans and democrats alike, took a deep breath, said, we're going to serve the national interest it can't be served well if we're not honest about who our enemies are and what our interests are. in the poppycock, and nonsense, and -- and end the poppycock and nonsense get to those issues, do you believe that president will do that. >> i do motte believe if your -- not believe in you're prems they
7:39 pm
we'vspremisethat we've been out. lou: i am not asking that. >> the danger in horrific acts of isis. and they present to the future of the world, and demonstrate how a coalition could -- >> a coalition, we're not going to bother to build a coalition, public opinion. >> i think he will. lou: michael. >> i think that president needing to rally the country, can create this consensus about the threats that isis poses to our friends, and to ourselves. then i think he has to give some detail as to what he will do, i hop he will not spend too much time talking about what he won't do. lou: i hope both parties, will come to their senses and understand, that we have mucked up the middle east about as conventingly and completely as we could. and it is time for somewhatture
7:40 pm
foreigturefore -- mature fore e, instead of joining up this nonsense. this is mindless, i hope it is not perpetrateed again. >> i will never underestimate america's resolve we're committed and united. lou: michael, if you think -- >> me? >> if you think you are uniteed raise your right hand. thank you both for beg here. >> thank you. lou: mcdonald's posting a 3.7% drop in same-store sales its worse decline in more than a decade, sluggish consumer demand, here, a health care involving a chinese supplier. mcdonald's shares down 1.5%. what is perhaps not best time
7:41 pm
for people to seek to double fast-food wages to $15 an hour. >> we're coming right back. almost two years since benghazi terrorist attack, that left 4 americans dead, mark ge coauthof the new book. he tells us what happened in benghazi next. can you start tomorrow?
7:42 pm
yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves.
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lou: a explosive new book reports how 4 americans who died in the benghazi terrorist attack would still be alive today had private security contractors not been told to stand down the night of the attack, my next guest, is one of the team members on the ground that incredible night, mark guist.
7:45 pm
i will tell you, it is a incredible book, we recommend it to you, it is an honor to have you here. >> thank you, it is an honor to be here. lou: what happened in that moment, which you, and the -- your colleagues, comrades, wanted to get to compound from annex, and you were told to stan stan down by station chief. >> the guns were ready to go, they were prepping the vehicles, i know chris, said let's go, the station chief said wait, he was talking with the tl, and the phone. lou: team leader. >> he said stand down. he said okay. just know we're ready to go. 5, 10 minutes later, tig came
7:46 pm
upside we're losing the initiative we need to get going, we need it get our eyes on, what is shaping, and he was told to stand down. lou: talking about a team of 6 men. >> yes. lou: to take on all of the terrorists who were swamping the compound, had it under fire. it was ablaze at that points. >> it was. lou: you had radio traffic to tell you they were within quick order of dieing. >> yes. lou: was there any explanation as to why the station chief did not want you to go tha at this points. >> he did not. he talked -- he didn't talk to those guys he was in communication can the tl, he did not say why he wanted to hold up, we can only assume, and you know, they could be from one end
7:47 pm
of struck rum t -- struck rum to spectrum to the other. lou: have you done a great service to american people to bring the description you do, this is an incredible book, so powerful, in its recounting of the details of, facts, your emotions, you know. you feel like you are there. and when i say, i recommending the book to you, i do so unreserveedly. what are your thought now as we approach that anniversary? you lost 3 of your comrades. a team made it, the 4 of you, where are you as you watch the politics of this? that continued refusal to tell the american people, from their government, what happened? >> that is why we wrote the book, is you know, the story
7:48 pm
about the four that have been hashed over what should have been done, who should have done what. what happened with talking points, it has been gone over a million times, but the story that was never told, was that what happened to the ground that night, 13 hours from when we got call to when i walked to the plane. believbleeding and beaten up, t3 hours are about the lives of several americans, and what happened during that, and 6 americans, helped save 5 guys from the conflict, get them back to the annex, and safe over 25 people at the annex. had we not been there and gone, it is a poise bill y there would -- possible there would be been more loss of life. lou: how many surgeries have you had? >> more than a dozen, i lost count, i have one more left. lou: you look great, and we're
7:49 pm
proud, happy you are with us. >> thank you very much. lou: thank you for what you do, and do. >> thank you very much. lou: mark guist, the books if 13 "agains"13worse13 13 hours" for sale now. up next, ray rice a battered receive -- ray rice's battered wife runs to his deficient, we taldefense. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams.
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7:53 pm
season. rice a wife has fireed back. i woke up this morning feeling like i had a horrible nightmare, like i am mourning the death of high close of friend. -- no one knows pain that media and unwanted options from the public caused my family. joining us now, dr. gina loudon. >> nice to be with you. lou: what is -- are we tong o to think of a o wife who was abused as she was who comes to defense of her husband so quickly, is there healing or different. >> we would love a happy ending to this story, statistic suggestion otherwise, he has
7:54 pm
abused her before, statisticly, and because we have seen he as abused her, he is likely to abuse her again, i am not a psycho theorist, psychotherapisy field -- i can tell you those in my field don't have good answers, we want to believe he can get treatment, and fix it. but st statisticly that not liky too happen, especially short-term. we have to look at ourselves in a mirror as a culture, saying what happened. i submit to you, this could go back to a feminist argument that women want to be the same as men, but you can't have to both ways. one in four women are likely to be abused in this manner in this country, but statistics about
7:55 pm
the same for men who are abused by women. i believe we should go back to the culture where women were protected by men like it used to be. lou: nfl laid down a penalty of two games, then a new rule was passed in policy. in august, after that, had been handed down. now has on its fields, men who have killed other men. who have -- i mean this is an organization that is seems at odds with itself right now, what are people to make of it? >> ha, a great way to put it, they are at odds with itself, this is an important conversation that public is confused about. for reason that i mentioned. they don't know, where do you
7:56 pm
protect women, men are afraid to open a woman's car door any more. >> i think we can say, doctor that, we know one thing clearly, a man should never strike a woman, period. >> absolutely. but that argument has been muddleed when women say we're just the same as men, i think those protects are important. the other thing that is really importance is not talked about, about 75% of children who are in the home, of an abusive intimate partnership, we can't say spouse about more, it is intimate partnership the new vernacular in psychobabble world that i live in, 75% of those children in the homes will end up being abused. and single highest determine determinant of abuse from generation to
7:57 pm
generation. lou: dr. gina loudon thank you we appreciate it. >> mine mine lou. lou: that is it for us, stay tuned for cavuto next, good night from new york. we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know. [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program.
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. neil: forget about this week being the president's isis moment. when it comes to illegal immigration, does the president risk another katrina moment? that is a democratic congressman worrying about that just as july when texas's henry cuellar think the president is missing the border crisis. >> congressman, you mean he should be seeing the border? . >> i hope it doesn't become president obama's katrina moment. i'm sure that president bush thought the same thing, he could look at everything from up in the sky, and that he


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